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Quad Trained Nurses and Caregivers
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Quad Home Health Care – Screened, Insured, Bonded
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Quad Care

Are you looking for freedom? If you believe that the best future for patients suffering from severe spinal cord or head injury is independent in-home health care with 24/7 health care support, then Health Exchange can help you.

Just call our experienced home health care professionals, at 602-265-9606, and ask for a nurse to come to your home, at no cost, and assess your loved one’s clinical needs. She will advise you on all your home health care questions and find you the most affordable solution. Many other companies charge up to $250 for this service. You will feel much more comfortable and feel what freedom means when you can rest easy because Health Exchange will be with you during all your struggles. Plus, our Quad trained caregivers and nurses are specially prepared for any circumstances thatt may arise during home care. Our staff is trained through extensive testing, both written and clinical, along with years of experience.

We can also provide transportation and companionship to and from the Doctor or hospital.

Benefits of Health Exchange Quad Caregiver Services:

  • Experienced and Licensed Nurses and Caregivers – So you or your loved one gets the quality Quad care they need for a better outlook on life.
  • Reliable Home Health Care – Our home health care nurses and assistants will arrive on time, do their job in a professional manner and leave when you want.
  • No Hassle – No need to find and hire your own nurse – Health Exchange handles all the nurse screening, testing, insurance and payroll to ensure you’ll get professional nursing help with no extra hassles.
  • Live On-Call Support 24/7 – Call us at 602-265-9606 anytime 24/7 if you have an emergency or need home health care services. We are here to help.

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